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Free Monogrammed Leather Luggage Tag Included Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for the rush! The bag is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Your customer service is above and beyond my expectations! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again. Extremely satisfied, Have a beautiful day! Stephen

My name is John. I wanted to thank you very much for solving my problem with the power cord for the bar globe everything is fine now what a pleasure is been working with you.🤗God bless

THANK YOU! It seems to be rare today to get someone in a business's customer service that actually helps their customers. YOU DO IT. I will buy more items from your company based on your excellent customer handling skills. Kudos to you. I would also like to send an email to whoever is in charge and thank them for putting you out there as the face of the company. Sincerely, Roger

Terrific! It is a pleasure working with such a kind and understanding company, AND having THE most efficient service! It is ALL very much appreciated...Sincerely, Linda

My Samsonite Silhouette 17 Large Spinner arrived SUPER promptly, thank you so much! I'm excited it arrived well before our planned vacation! Understanding the high demand for luggage right now, combined with the worldwide supply chain issues, I certainly appreciate the personalized help and recommendations you gave me on our phone call. Very nice.
I look forward to using this bag - large and great quality - perfect for a couple on a long vacation trying to optimize checked bag costs. I will certainly recommend your site to my Texas friends - great prices and no tax is the best deal ever! Very much appreciated - Gena

Amazing bag. Ive had the same exact bag for over 30yrs. Old one is still good but a bit discolored. Hence the purchase. A devoted customer. Giving you the highest rating! All the best, Randy

I like the luggage and your service so much I just bought another one, for me! Thanks and happy holidays, Carolyn

Thank you for the great service. We received both pieces and both look great. Amazing customer service! - Bonnie

Wonderful! Thank you so much. I appreciate your prompt replies and good service. It is most rare these days! - Yvette

Thank you so much!!! I am very happy with your attention. Amazing customer Service!!!! Best Regards - Silvana

Hi, I received my Pathfinder Duffel today. I would have received it Tuesday but there were some minor issues with an access pickup location. Anyway I wanted to thank you again, I greatly appreciate your follow up emails along with your outstanding communication. I also enjoyed talking with you as well. The company/business is extremely lucky to have someone like you. Wishing you the absolute best - Cory

Hello, Just to let you know that my Suitcase was delivered along with your amazing monogrammed Luggage tag. I will let you know if I have any issues which I highly doubt. An A++++ experience from A-Z. I wrote a Yelp Review and told my contacts about your store and top notch customer service. Best of luck. Warmly, - Daniel

Hi there, I finally received the stroller. I am very satisfied with the whole service. 5 stars to you, you were awesome thru out the whole process. I will be leaving a great review for you guys on couple sites like yelp and trustpilot. Thank you so much - Orhan

Thank you so much for the quick response to this issue - it is greatly appreciated - and I will always keep your company in mind for my luggage needs! - Phil

First of all, thank you so much for going above and beyond. Please don't get mad, but after looking at my options I think I'll keep the one I have and hope that the leather will smooth out through use. I'm sorry to put you through all this hassle. I have had a small Claire Chase in cafe for over 10 years and love the size and the design, but the cloth on the interior pockets started tearing, so it's time to get a new one. Thank you again for your patience! Best wishes for continued success. Regards, Alan

Thank you so much! I appreciate the extra care and service for a minor thing like this monogram, it has been well received. This is the 4th suitcase I've purchased from you guys and I'll be coming back here for my future purchases as well too. Thanks again - James

Yay, awesome! Thank you. I appreciate you, thank you for the tracking info as well. I hope your week is off to a great start. - Cory

Next time for sure and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to communicate the unexpected delay to me so quickly. That integrity is not always found and you are commended. I wish you a wonderful week! - Erma

Thank you! Maybe it will be here before I leave on my trip!!!!! - Cheryl P.S. the service has been awesome. Quick response and honest answer when I called yesterday afternoon.

OH MY GOSH!!! Thank you so much!! I am so excited and can't wait to use my new delsey chatelet luggage! always - Kelly

Thanks for following up. Will def do business again and recommend your store to my friends. Thanks, Robert

We rec'd the Bosca briefcase and oh wow, you were so rjght, it's beautiful!!! You can tell it's extremely high quality and so nice. I can't imagine my son wouldn't LOVE it!!! Thanks again for everything, your time, patience, and expert advice! You've been so nice. You have a great holiday as well! Take Care, - Carol

I received it - so excited! They must not being doing straight drop-ships - I was very lucky. Thank you again for going the extra mile in customer service - truly appreciate it. - Maureen

Great. Thank you for letting me know about the delay with Travelpro. While I'm disappointed the order didn't work out, I'm impressed with your customer service. Thanks again. Sincerest regards, Ben

Thanks! It was a pleasure working with your company. - Steve

Awesome! Appreciate your great customer service and professionalism. - Greg

First and foremost thank you for your exceptional customer support and response. I will wait and just hope it arrives on time. Very excited to receive this purchase regardless. I like that you are attentive and explained the process. If this gift is as amazing as it looks online, you can be sure I will be a returning customer in the very near future. This gift is for our niece who is in love with Paris. But our daughter's b.d. is in March and I will be shopping for new luggage and also the hard shell toiletries bag that slips onto the luggage handle for her. She travels all the time. > ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ response thus far. Best regards, JoAnn

I so appreciate you going to so much effort to help me out there. It is an amazing example of customer service and I will be sure to brag on your guys so much and you are all on the top of my list next time I need any luggage!!!! Thank you again!!!! Chrisanna

Thank you--you've been great to work with. When I order luggage again it will be through your company. Warmest regards, Charlotte

No worries! You guys have, like, the best customer service out of any web company I've interacted with, so I'll definitely be browsing and ordering again! Best, - Cindy

Thank you! I appreciate your wonderful customer service! - Kathleen

Your staff that I spoke to and had many questions for was kind courteous and efficient and I would like to thank her and let you know. - Barbara

Finally! I have received the package and am 100% satisfied. As mentioned previously, I completely understand that the issues were not of your fault. To be fair, had you not been so attentive, I wouldn't had been aware of delivery problems nearly as timely. In any case thank you again, and you have earned my future business. - Joe

Love the case, and love the monogram. . . . - EJ

Thank you so much for such outstanding customer service! I will donate bag to Climb Wyoming , a group to help women pull themselves up! - Theresa

Good communication, fast shipping and good quality products. I do recommend them. - Natalia

Yesssss......... Pls sent all to NJ address.... Thank You so much!!! Customer Service is top-notch!!.... BTW I now see the message about PO Box... Sorry!!.... But Thanx so much... Where can I leave a review - Adrienne

Amazing, thank you.!!! I really appreciate it the communication that you guys maintained with me during the process. - Surayma

Thank you! What wonderful customer service. The suitcase is for my husband, his initials are JGS (j is first, g is middle and s is last). Thank you again! Amanda

Good morning from Boone, North Carolina. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I received my Bella Soft Calf-Skin Hipster Wallet, your code #97775, and to say I am so thrilled with it!!! It is excellent quality and just the perfect size without being bulky in my pocket. It is a true find, and I am one who is very difficult to please and I am always looking for the best. I must say to you, I have found the best in this great wallet. I am considering ordering another one just to have one on standby when the day comes down the road for a replacement. I searched and searched, high and low, trying to find the perfect one. Thank you folks for recognizing quality and providing it to us, which we would not otherwise have the opportunity to know about. With much appreciation. Sincerely, Daniel

Thanks very much! You guys have been great to work with. I know it wasn't your fault that the first one got damaged. - Scott N.

Thank you so much for keeping up with the correspondence. It is appreciated. We will certainly keep your company in mind in the future. - Terri

Thank you!! Great Customer Service, I will certainly purchase from your site in the future! - Elle

You are so wonderful to do this for me. You have no idea how much this means to me. I am on the road every week, on the regional jets and having a bag that is light, flexible and will fit in that small overhead is a life saver for working traveler. - Carol Y.

Thanks so much! I am impressed with your customer service and shall do business with you again. Best regards, nancy​

The order is correct - thank you for such quick and helpful service! This is going to be the perfect birthday gift!!!- Tamara

I truly appreciate your individual attention. I am a customer for life now! I do not see this kind of customer service really anywhere. Thanks again so much. - Donna

Thanks again! You've been very responsive and helpful. I could have bought this item at Tumi for the same price, but your service has been outstanding and I'm glad I purchased the item from you. Best regards, - Tom

Oh thank you! I really appreciate it. I just wanted to keep all my shipments in order. I look forward to using the bag! Thank you again. Have a great day. - David G.

Thank you!!!! You have great customer service. - Felcia

Thanks! You have made my day! I appreciate your hard work! You are wonderful! Grateful thanks! :) - Charlotte

I have really enjoyed working with you and will recommend you and your company to all of my friends. Thanks so much for your help! - Alice

Our luggage arrived yesterday. We are so very pleased with it. Thanks so much for your help! - Georgia

Thank you so much for your effots on my behalf. I will check back later to see if they are back in stock. You guys ROCK. - Julie

Fabulous!! Thank you very much for your responsive service. The tote just arrived and it is perfect. Many thanks. - Lee

Awesome! Thanks again was very hard to find that color in the two wheeled version. Thanks again. - James

Received the luggage! Wow fast ship!! Thank you!!! I will be sure to tell all of our friend and family about your site. Excellent communication, customer service and products! just curious...I didn't see those cute luggage tags in the box? Do they come separate? Blessings!! - Traci

Thank you so much for all your help yesterday. Hope things cs down for you. Have a great Christmas!! - Mark

Thank you so much for your rapid response! - Tammy

You all (and ECBC) are awesome!!!! - C. Jones

Thank you so much! My husband will be so happy! I appreciate all of your excellent and honest communication. - Emmy

You guys are great! Thank you and please put me on your email list. We will do business again. - Chris

Best prices on-line. Product delivered in estimated time, as ordered. Did talk to customer service and received timely and friendly support. - D.H.V.

They had (in stock) the exact luggage I was looking for; these pieces are a wedding gift for our daughter. Purchasing was very easy, website performed flawlessly, and shipping options helped us get these exactly where we wanted them to be. Excellent.! Additionally, they provided personalized luggage tags; these were a HUGE hit and greatly appreciated by all (very classy touch). I could not recommend these folks more highly. We will definitely purchase form them again; have them bookmarked and would not use any other site. Very well done. Thank you. - F.M.J.

Thank you for all your help. You guys were great to deal with, and I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. I'll definitely shop with you again next time. - Adam

You guys are great! Thank you and please put me on your email list. We will do business again. - Chris

I am always confident when I deal with I once had a problem with a piece of luggage and they promptly attended to the issue. When I have had questions, I have been able to speak with a knowledgeable human who spoke English and who had power to make adjustments and deliver good customer service. What a concept! - Martha L.

Your service and communication have been outstanding; we will definitely purchase from you in the future! - Debbie H.

Hello representative, As you can see below I have ordered several weeks ago some Tumi bag. I have received it and would like to thank you for the good and quick service! - Igor R.

This is the BEST luggage company on the web! Their prices and service are absolutely outstanding and they are the nicest people in the world. I have purchased luggage from them twice and will, without a doubt, continue to be a loyal customer. - Jean H.

Thank you very much for your professional and prompt reply to all my emails. I got my luggage today in good condition. You are certainly the best online company that I have ordered from. I certainly will order my next luggage from your company in the future. Pairach

Ohhhh that's so much; thanks for the shipping quote. I'll wait & hope the 17" spinner comes in time for my next trip. Thanks for your qwik reply! And thank you for offering so many luggage options to the public! Most sincerely, Cathy

Very quick response to any order inquiry, kept me upto date with shipping and tracking, Descent web site to navigate for luggage purchase. - SKM

Your company is so wonderful, I am so excited to be able to use my new luggage on my vacation in May. I cannot thank you enough for handling the situation so quickly and so professionally. I will be sure and shop with you in the future. Thank you again. - Lisa M.

Thank you very much for your help in ordering our new luggage. I'm sure we will enjoy it - it is a great product. Regards, Lynn

I got these bags today and they are STUNNING! The luggage tags are a nice bonus, I didn't realize I would get those too. Even though the color name is "indigo", they perfectly match my Just In Case Tumi Shopping Bags in "peacock" (dark teal), I'm pleased as punch! - Carla B.

Thank you. Mystery solved. The package was left at the manager's office and I didn't think I was notified of the delivery. The wind had blown the UPS delivery notice behind a flower pot! I have the luggage tote and I like it very much and everything is fine. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

Thank you for your quick replies to my emails. It is so good to have good customer service and you have been so helpful. I will leave you a good review on luggageontheweb. Thanks again!! - Emma M.

The aqua luggage tag arrived. It is happily on my weekender that I used for an overnight last weekend. Love it! Thank you for such great customer service. I'm singing your praises. - Carol D.

There was a missed communication from the manufacturer that was quick to respond to. Not only would I buy from them again, I already have. - Lynne B.

I purchased a purple luggage and the store gave me a free matching color tag with my initials. Prompt shipping. Great communication. That was the most amazing online shopping experience ever. - Yuki U.

After a negative experience with a major department store's online store, I found luggageontheweb. The entire experience was extremely easy and positive. I received my order in just a couple of days. I love my new luggage and would order again from this site. - Ellen G.

This was an amazing website, they know their products and they expedite the product with efficiency. I can recommend them wholeheartedly. - Linda K.

Hi Village Luggage -- Just wanted to thank you guys for the speedy delivery of the Tumi Vapor suitcase. My mom loved it! - Nelson R.

Easy to order with free shipping. Smooth transaction. - J.R.

Ok. Thank you. You guys are great. Always respond and so fast. Hans

Great overall buying experience. Excellent prices on excellent luggage. - Justin L.

Hi, I just want to say thank you - received the shipment today, everything is perfect. THANKS! - Moritz

Online ordering was fast and easy; the item was delivered within a week, nib. My only suggestion would be for better communication - I received no shipping notification. However, this may not have been the seller's fault, since they ordered the item from the manufacturer, who shipped it directly to me. - Steven G.

Super fast shipping. - Francis C.

These folks were definitely the lowest priced on the internet for the luggage we wanted. Our order was shipped promptly. All thru the process, we received excellent communication with them. Order confirmations, tracking info, etc. I highly recommend these folks. The merchandise was great and there order and followup process was thoughtful and professional. Thanks. - Robert B.

I want others to know how impressed and gratified I am with your prompt, accurate and personal service. I placed an on-line order over the weekend, largely based on your price for a high-end rollerbag. On Monday, I got a personal call from your office to clarify my order, a suggestion on embossing the leather tag, and an estimated delivery in two days. When I got home on Wednesday, my order was delivered. I will recommend you to others and come back for future orders. - Eric W, Arlington, VA

I got these bags today and they are STUNNING! The luggage tags are a nice bonus, I didn't realize I would get those too. Even though the color name is "indigo", they perfectly match my Just In Case Tumi Shopping Bags in "peacock" (dark teal), I'm pleased as punch! - Cala B.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your personal service in calling me and walking me through the process of setting he combination lock on my new Lipault suitcase. I guess in today's world we no longer expect this level of service when making online purchases, and it was both refreshing and welcome. - Melinda L.

Thanks You! I would like a monogrammed luggage tag. My initials are: BAS
This is my first time shopping with you and I appreciate your good customer service I will definitely be back again to buy more in the future. Thanks and best regards, - Barbara

Hi... just wanted to let you know that everything arrived today in perfect condition. Most happy with our purchase and your prompt service. Thanx again, - DL